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For 38 years as of 2024, PANAAWTM has organized annual conferences in the US and Canada, including Atlanta, Berkeley, Chicago, Claremont, Evanston, IL, New York, Princeton, NJ, San Francisco, Toronto, and San Diego. We have PANAAWTM alumnae throughout North America and Asia. We share our joy and struggles and create a space to claim our theological voices and leadership as Asian and North American Asian women. A list of past conferences can be found here.


We gather for creative and women-affirming worship. We use elements from Asian and Asian American cultures. 


Scholars and activists discuss topics such as interreligious engagements  and peacebuilding, Asian/American women and leadership, abundant life and unjust prosperity, and journey toward justice


Doctoral students Htoi San Lu and Ban Htang led a workshop on "Interreligious Engagements in Burma." They said, "PANAAWTM provides us a space not only to exchange our theological understanding with other Asian and Asian American scholars, theologians, and students but also to develop our theological voices."


We dance, sing in karaoki, exchange gifts, host talent show, and much more.


We meet mentors and role models,  get to know students from other theological schools, work on projects, and develop life-long friendships.  Organizations you may want to know.
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