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2023 PANAAWTM Annual Conference

Ecojustice Rising: Re-weaving Our Futures

March 16 -18, 2023

San Diego First United Methodist Church, CA

Earth has been the center of Pacific, Asian, and North American Asian Women's theological reflection. The gendered, sexualized, and racialized aspects of climate change challenge us to reflect critically on our relationships with the earth and re-imagine life-centric theologies, radical interconnectedness among all living beings, and liberation from anthropocentric capitalism and militarism. We invite you to critical conversations on the future of eco-spirituality, eco-feminism, eco-theology, and eco-eroticism, re-weaving our foremothers' wisdom and dreams.

Opening Panel Flyer- Youtube stream1024_1.jpg

A glimpse of the 2023 annual conference... 

2023 Annual Conference Opening Panel
"Ecojustice Rising: Re-weaving Futures"
Morning Panel: Eco-justice, Climate Change, Collective Resistance
Outdoor Workshop
(Coronado Island)
Gift Exchange
Mentoring Sessions

A glimpse of the 2022 annual conference offerings...

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2022 Annual Conference Panel Discussion:  "Embodying Antiracist Christianity and Cross-Racial Solidarity" by Dr. Sharon Jacob, Dr. Yuki Schwartz, and Dr. Jessica Wong
Altars created or shared
Vigil 9.jpg

An altar created at Candler School of Theology at a vigil for the victims of the Atlanta spa shootings. The paintings were created by artist Connie LaGoy (Kwok Pui Lan)

Haruka Umetsu Cho.jpg

Commenorating death, life, and heritages 

(Haruka Umetsu Cho)

Lynnette Li.jpg

Giving honor to the comfort women    of Southeast Asia (Lynnette Li)

Word Cloud from closing reflections

Webinar on Asian American Activism and Black Lives Matter, June 26, 2020

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