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Junehee Yoon, who received her PhD from Drew University, said, "I am grateful to those PANAAWTM predecessors who strove to build this community. The more I come to know about the lives and work of the scholars and pastors who have paved the way for Asian American theologies and ministries, the stronger I feel that I want to contribute to the continuation of the work they have done for us." We invite you to partner with us and support our work. 

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Dr. Jane Naomi Iwamura, Professor of Religious Studies at University of the West, said, "I came to know the work of insightful and energetic women who were revisioning the field of theology and ministry from a new perspective; I learned of their challenges and struggles as educators, pastors, leaders, and students in a world that quite often did not support their presence and views as both women and racialized subjects, and I was inspired by their vision, tenacity, and fortitude."

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