Mentoring International Students

Although we had to cancel our annual conference in April, we organized mentoring sessions for international students in April and May.  The program for international students is supported by a generous grant from the Foundation for Theological Education in South East Asia. Dr. Elaine Wei-Fun Goh from Seminari Theologi Malaysia shared her experience as a female leader in theological education in Asia.

Mentoring Master's Students

The mentoring committee (Drs. Grace Kao,  Boyung Lee,  Jin Young Choi, and Su Yon Pak) offers a series of online mentoring sessions to help students apply for Ph.D/Th.D programs. This work is generously supported by the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE), which is deeply committed to raising future theological educators of color. The program will meet via Zoom each month and will cover the overall requirements of Ph.D application—application statement, recommendation letters, and sample paper, etc. Individual coaching about the application process will be available. Last year several students who participated in the program successfully got into the doctoral program they hoped to get in. The program started on September 25, 2020 and continued to meet via Zoom. 
PhD mentoring.png