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PANAAWTM members are making a difference in faith communities and the world. Listen to their inspiring stories.

Interstitial integrity is this spirit in us, our struggle to hold the many in the one. We endeavor to make sense and meaning out of the multiple social locations, the hybrid cultures, and the many powers of death and life that are placed before us.
~Rita Nakashima Brock
Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock helps people cope with COVID-19

Rev. Deborah Lee as

Yuri Kochiyama           

Honoree in 2019

Dr. Gale A. Yee was the president of

Society of Biblical Literature in 2019.

She delivered a lecture in 2015

when she received the Krister

Stendahl Medal in Biblical Studies

Dr. Sharon A. Suh on Healing Trauma

through Mindfulness and Yoga

Dr. Kwok Pui Lan was the 

president of the American 

Academy or Religion in 2011

Rev. Sandhya Rani Jha on

Transforming Communities

Dr. Anne Joh on her life and her 

fight against patriarchy

Rev. Ada Wong Nagata talks about

her parish ministry and her work with

Episcopal Chinese ministry.

Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim and PANAAWTM

Dr. Boyung Lee and PANAAWTM

Dr. Jin Young Choi and PANAAWTM

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