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Rita Brock on Falwell

Updated: 6 days ago

Liberty University began an investigation into the tenure of its former president Jerry Falwell, Jr. He was forced to resign because of allegations of sexual impropriety brought to light by a business associate.

"Why, we might ask, did his departure take so long? Why was it kinky sex that took him down when he risked lives to reopen the university in the midst of a pandemic, offended Black alumni with his creation of a blackface face mask, and made a mockery of Christian ethics with his support for a thrice-married president who boasts of sexually predatory behavior? Because Falwell’s worst offenses didn’t violate core fundamentalist principles that define Liberty University’s understanding of the Bible: disbelief of science, racism, and male domination of women—the trifecta on which they’ve bet their future," wrote Rita Nakashima Brock. You can read her article in Religion Dispatches here



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