Our 36th virtual Conference on the theme "Cross-Racial Solidarity and Radical Praxis" took place from March 17-19, 2022. Over 100 sisters from the US, Canada, and Asia joined the event. 
Panel Discussion:  "Embodying Antiracist Christianity and Cross-Racial Solidarity" by Dr. Sharon Jacob, Dr. Yuki Schwartz, and Dr. Jessica Wong
Altars created or shared
Vigil 9.jpg

An altar created at Candler School of Theology at a vigil for the victims of the Atlanta spa shootings. The paintings were created by artist Connie LaGoy (Kwok Pui Lan)

Haruka Umetsu Cho.jpg

Commenorating death, life, and heritages 

(Haruka Umetsu Cho)

Lynnette Li.jpg

Giving honor to the comfort women    of Southeast Asia (Lynnette Li)

Word Cloud from closing reflections